Saturday, October 4, 2008

Happy 4th Birthday Karis!!!

Today we helped to celebrate a very special birthday . . . Karis turned 4!!! Karis is Jay and Amanda's oldest child and a best friend to my kiddos! Kendall absolutely adores Karis . . . and I absolutely love that she has such a sweet friend to hang around with:) It has been an absolute blast getting back in touch with Amanda. . .we went awhile without seeing each other after college graduation. . . and so I am thankful for her friendship everyday.

The party was a hit!! Karis is taking gymnastics at a local gym . . . so what better than a gymnastics party! The girls got to wear their favorite leotard and did many fun things around the gym. They did flips, played on the bars, & jumped on a trampoline:) It was a fun day.

We want Karis to know what a great little"princess" she is and that we are very thankful for her and her friendship!! And on this day . . . her 4th birthday . . . we give God many thanks for allowing our family to blessed by her in many ways! We love you Karis! We hope you had a fabulous 4th birthday!!!

Karis's cake . . . it says "Happy Birthday Princess Karis!"

The birthday girl!!!

Kendall and Karis!

Baby Jack!

Karis and Mari- Morgan on the bars!

Kendall and Hannah on the bars!

Some of the fun activities!

Kendall was checking it out!

I have no idea what Kendall is doing here! Too funny!!

Kendall on the beam!

Kendall and Mari- Morgan doing the obstacle course!

The kiddos listening to the coach for their directions!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Memphis Botanic Gardens. . .and 90- 4 yr olds!!!

Today was Drew's very 1st school field trip! Since the kids are only 4 yrs old . . . and have to ride in some form of safety apparatus (parent's choice). . . they request that as many parents go as possible. I worked it out for a great friend (Amanda- you rock) to keep Kendall and Jack for the morning so I could take Drew and a few of his classmates to the Botanic Gardens. Anay and Gracie . . two of Drew's classmates and fellow soccer team members . . . rode with us there! We had a great time. In the car we watched Dora the Explorer . . . . it definitely was a change from 3 kids- 4 and under to today having 3kids- all of them 4! I guess this is what it would have felt like to have triplets! The kids were great and we had a great day!

We started off the moning with a trip to the "Jungle"! It was a green house full of plants that grow in the jungle! Some pretty cool plants grow there, so the kids were pretty excited! We saw a banana tree, a rubber tree plant, a chocolate tree, a coconut tree, and ginger plants! After our trip through the jungle, we went to a taste center. This is where the kids got to taste some of the things that are made from the "plants of the jungle"! The kids are learning about the 5 senses . . . so this was a great learning experience for them. I think the tasting was the favorite of the 5 senses used . . . they tried coconut, ate ginger snaps, had dried banana chips, and inhaled the chocolate m&m's!!! For a buch of 4 yr olds. . .they were pretty interested! Next we went to a planting center . . . and each kid got to plant their very own spider plant! Each child decorated their own pot, put the plant inside, filled it with dirt, and wrapped it in a bag and bow! Our last stop was a place where the kids made a craft! They each made a different mask of an animal that lived in the jungle! Drew and Gracie were tree frogs, and Anay was a lion! So far so good for the trip to the Botanic Gardens . . . last we took a small tour of some of the grounds . . . we went to see the Japanese Coi Fish. . .they were absolutely huge!! We walked right up beside the water to look at them . . . I am amazed we were not fishing 4 yr olds out of the water. . . but the kids did very well.
The trip was a success! I think everyone had a blast. It was short and sweet and perfect for 90- 4 year old little kids! I had a great time too! Thanks again Amanda for making it possible for me to enjoy a day with Drew!!!

Drew, Anay, and Gracie!

Anay, Drew, Maci, Ella and Ella's dad!

Drew was brave and tried the coconut! It was not a favorite!

This was Drew's face after the coconut . . . he did actually

swallow . . . unlike a few who got up and spit it out!

Happy Birthday Papaw!

Today is my dad's birthday . . . so we wanted to let him know that we were thinking of him today and that we wished we were ALL there to help you celebrate!!! We all love you very much:) See you in a few weeks!
The kids wanted to sing Happy Birthday to you:
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to Papaw
Happy Birthday to you . . . . and many more!
Check a little later for a video of them singing:)
Hugs and Kisses from Mississippi!!!!!
Love, Brent, Rachel, Drew, Kendall, and Jack!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Nelson's Favorite Spot!

For those of you who do not know, we have two weenie dogs . . . Nelson and Sophie! We have had both of them since before the kids arrived. They are used to royal treatment . . . especially when it comes to where they sleep. They both used to sleep in the bed with us, and would have it no other way . . . but now they prefer somewhere else nice and cozy. They both love anything soft . . . and usually love to be covered up . . . especially Sophie. The latest favorite of theirs has been a kid chair that belongs to Drew. The kids had moved it into the kitchen one day playing with it, and now it is the FAVORITE seat in the house!!! (for the dogs anyway) I love to watch the dogs when they are fighting over who gets to sit in it . . . if one gets up for any reason . . . the other one darts to it and steals their place . . . this goes on ALL day! Too funny!!! I have to say . . . as you can tell from the pictures . . . Nelson usually wins!!! I think he really loves the chair a little more than Sophie, but he is also less likely to get up any reason!!! I guess that is why he slightly resembles a tootsie roll! Here are some pics of Nelson enjoying his chair:
I think he thought I was gonna make him get up:(

What a sweet dog!

Too funny . . . I think we may have to get the kids a new chair!

Sophie snuggled up in a warm, cozy blanket!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Drew's First Soccer Game

Today was Drew's very first soccer game. He plays for his school . . . SBEC . . . but they also allow members of Broadway Baptist (the church that the school is attached to) to play as well:) Drew has 6 other kids on his team . . . for a toal of 7 - all of them 4 years old! There are 3 little girls (Gracie, Shayla, and Rachel) and there are 4 boys (Drew, Troy, Brandon, and Anay.) Mr. Scott (Troy's dad) is the assistant coach and Laurie (Gracie's mom) is the coach!!!
He was sooo excited when he woke up this morning. . . he was ready to play in his soccer game! His game was at 11:00 . . . it was my turn to bring snacks and drinks today so we had to get alot of stuff together before heading out to the school. The game was so much fun to watch and the kids had alot of fun! You can only imagine what a 4 year old soccer game looks like, but we are not all that bad. We did end up scoring 5 or so goals (we don't keep score), but we all know that the other team only scored 1 goal . . . so I guess that means Drew's team won their 1st soccer game. WOOHOO!!!! Way to go Tigers!!!

Drew before the big game!

Drew's team . . . minus Anay . . he was out of town!

I don't know what Drew is doing here . . . but it

looks serious. He is ready to kick that ball!

What an action shot . . . GO Drew GO!

No hands Drew. . .I think he forgot that rule!

Drew coming off the field for a quick break! Good job buddy!

Resting up before going back into the game!

Drew's biggest fans!

Kendall was in deep concentration watching the game . . .

and enjoying her "gatowade" a little early!

Drew getting a five from Coach Scott!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Time to Play!!

Although school has started, we are still squeezing in some fun playdates! Amanda works Monday- Tuesday- Wednesday . . . and is off on Thursday and Friday:) On Thursday, she is kepping another little girl . . .Mari-Morgan. Her mommy Paige and Amanda are good friends and work together . . . so they swap a day od childcare each week:) Thursday is a great day for a playdate because Kendall loves to play with Karis and Mari-Morgan, too! Today we dropped Drew off at school, miss you buddy, then headed out to Amanda's house. We got there about 9:45 and stayed til 4:00! It was a fun day and the kids had a blast! There was lots of dressing up, princess movie watching, and girly makebelieve. The girls have all been so tired lately, that we made after lunch rest time . . . they were still and watched a movie for a while . . . then just played quietly for a little while, too. Amanda made an awesome soup for us at lunch time . . . I will share her recipe later . . . YUM . . . and the kids ate their favorite . . . maccaroni! She also made us an Ooey- Gooey- Butter cake . . . which was divine!!! Thanks Amanda for the fun day . . .we look foward to next Thursday!!!

The 3 little princesses: Mari- Morgan, Karis, and Kendall!
Karis and Mari- Morgan putting on their make-up!

Jack was content to play with a spoon!

Amanda and Brayden. . . too sweet!

(and my sweet little Jack in the back)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Tooth #1

It is official . . . Jack now has his 1st tooth!!! It is the botton left tooth in the front:) We have not been shocked that he has not cut any teeth until now . . . mainly because his big brother did not get his first tooth til he was 10 months old. We knew that they would come when the time was right! He has been feeling and rubbing this new tooth with his tongue . . . it is too cute, because he has this look on his face like he is trying to figure out what it is:) He has been a little crabby, but not too bad. I know it has to hurt:( The bad thing about getting new teeth . . . other than it hurts . . . is that they usually are not alone. He has waited all this time for a tooth, and now he is not only getting a tooth . . . but teeth . . . 4 of them!!! I can see the the bottom right tooth and the top 2 front teeth peeking through his gums! He has been a real trooper . . . all he has needed is a little extra love and an occasional dose of Tylenol and he is is usual happy self! I guess he will be eating lots of new things soon . . . just something else fun to look foward to. It is very hard to take a picture of a tooth . . . if you can only imagine . . . so here is just a cute picture of Jack!!!